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Facilitating an Active Lifestyle for People
with an Asthma Diagnosis

The ‘Asthma Wellness Kit’ provides assurance, motivation and guidance to reduce physical constraints and mental barriers for people with asthma diagnosis enabling them to live an active lifestyle. The kit contains a mouth worn product, a charging unit, and access to an online service with community support and medical guidance. Depending on the severity of the asthma diagnosis the mouth piece is used during the whole exercise session or only parts of it. The mouth piece optimizes the air temperature while monitoring airway contractions providing assurance and safety for the user.

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2012 Umea Institute of Design in collaboration with Philips

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Medical Kit for Organ Monitoring 

SurfaceMount Microdialysis (SMD) Medical Toolkit is comprised of a number of key equipment designed around an SMD invention used to measure local metabolic changes in organ tissues by adhering a catheter onto a specific organ during open surgery. The kit consists of package design, tubes, connectors, introducers and a pump. The end result removes several procedures during the surgery and monitoring phases. Thus, the design reduces risk of contamination and medical error, and simplifies the procedure, while increasing the monitoring time.

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Collaborative project with John Lee

2011 Umea Institute of Design, in partnership with Pernilla Abrahamsson 

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Power Tool For Victim Extrication

‘Many of the tools that we use are designed for industrial use therefore lacking ease of use for the firefighter in situations such as traffic accidents.’ says Conny (Firefighter Chief at the Fire Brigade)

The risk of injuries for the operator of hydraulic tools is very high due to challenging work postures. These injuries develop over time from constant snap-and-twist motions of the wrist. Ergonomics is significantly important to prevent injuries from occurring. “HOC” is a solution that ensures the safety of the rescue personnel facilitating a quick extrication of the victim due to its improved physical and cognitive ergonomics.

2011 Umea Institute of Design in collaboration with Umea Fire Brigade 

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FM Radio for Sailing Enthusiasts

Analyzing and reflecting the brand values of Suunto through form, color and funcionality and building a fully working radio prototype was the goal of the project. The electronics were taken from an existing radio in the market.. This created a challenge in building the design around the existing electronics, doing reverse engineering yet implementing the Suunto core values.

Turn it on, pump the volume up, listen to your favourite station! Sail away, get wet, enjoy and turn it off for a second round.

2011 Umea Institute of Design 

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Dispensing napkins one at a time.

Keep your napkins neat and at the ready with the OXO Good Grips SimplyRollTM Napkin Holder.  The wide base accommodates a variety of napkin sizes while the stainless steel rod keeps them in place – even when dining outside.  The rod rests in a grooved track, keeping it in place down to the last napkin.  The weighted bar spins in place to allow for easy, one-handed access – whether you need one napkin or a handful – without disturbing the rest of the stack. The non-slip feet keep the Holder from sliding and protect surfaces from scratching; stainless steel accents make it as elegant as it is functional.

Role: Key team member at Smart Design NY
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